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Willy's Pottery Guaitil

Sam visits this open-air studio to see pottery being made the same way it was 800 years ago.

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Odir Morales (Guide From Swiss Travel)

Samantha takes a day-trip to Guaitil to experience the culture of this small colonial town.


Four Seasons Resort -- Costa Rica

The location, within a dry tropical forest, inspires the seductive architecture of the hotel.

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Secret Spot Surf Division in Tamarindo

This surf shop and school guarantees that any beginner surfer will be able to stand up and surf after their first lesson.


Lola's Playa Avallana

A veritable oasis from civilization, this local restaurant sits on a secluded beach and is frequented by the lucky few who are in the know.

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Town of Tamarindo

A mecca for travelers, Tamarindo offers plenty to see and do in town. In addition, more adventurous travelers can indulge in lots of activities out of town, too, like snorkeling or off-roading.

Tamarindo, Costa Rica

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High Tide (Tamarindo Adventures)

Sam gets down and dirty driving her 4-wheeler through the mud roads and back trails of Playa Avianana.

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Billfish Safaris

Sam goes fishing for sailfish and marlin during her stay in Costa Rica.

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Off Road Costa Rica

Sam gets a taste of life as Indiana Jones in a jeep outfitted for a day of off-roading, complete with its own machete.

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Hacienda Guachipelin

This 3,700-acre ranch has been recognized as one of the hottest eco-friendly adventure destinations for over 30 years.