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Gothic Quarter of Quimper

Quimper is largely pedestrian-only, giving you space to admire its architectural attributes like thick granite stone buildings, half-timbered homes and colorful shutters. When it comes to personality, the Gothic Quarter has it by the busloads.

29000 Quimper, France

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Shopping in Quimper

The shops sell everything from home products to shoes and clothing, but Quimper is mostly known for its handmade pottery. Faïence pottery is typical of the area since the first factory opened in 1619. Brittany is also famous for its hand-sewn lace.

29000 Quimper, France

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Locronan is a true Breton town, marvelously well-preserved since it became famous for its weaving and cloth sails in the 15th century. Today, Locronan is known for its artisan-quality crafts like handblown glass.

29180 Locronan, France

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Return of the fishing fleet in Locronan

Every day between 4 and 6 o'clock, the fishermen of Le Guilvinec arrive home. At first, the boats are dots on the horizon, but as they come closer, you can make out their shapes. Fish stack up like bricks alongside crates of squirming langoustines.

29730 Guilvinec, France


Hotel Gradlon

Hotel Gradlon has a homey feel to it and is a comfortable place to stay with a large fireplace, well-stocked bar, flower-filled courtyard and the sunroom, where you can enjoy breakfast. This is a small, intimate hotel with just over 20 rooms.

30, rue de Brest, 29000 Quimper