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Turtle Mountain Buffalo Ranch

Steven meets Robbie Magnan, Director of Fish and Game for the Fort Peck Reservation, and sets out to hunt and skin a buffalo.

P.O. Box 1027, Poplar, MT 59255

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Peterson Point Rapids / Prairie Elk Crossing

Steve takes his buffalo hide and builds himself a 'bullboat' and then launches it into the rapids!

Poplar, MT

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USDAARS Fort Keogh

Steven and his friends Sam Hould and Ronny Boehme fell a cottonwood tree and carve themselves a traditional dugout canoe.

243 Fort Keogh Road, Miles City, MT 59301

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Montana Bar

In this historic Miles City institution, Steven recruits locals for his expedition party.

612 Main Street, Miles City, MT 59301

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Judith Landing Recreation Area

Steven comes up with a backup plan for traveling the Missouri Breaks.

Judith Landing Road, Big Sandy, MT 59520

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Campsite near Iron City Islands

Steven and Matt try to get marrow from a bone for dinner.

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McClelland-Stafford Ferry Area

Stevenand Matt stalk deer, while Sam and Ronny try their luck at fishing.

Winifred, MT

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Yankee Jim Canyon / Yellowston Raft Company

Steve rides the whitewater rapids of Yankee Jim while narrating the history of Lewis and Clark's journey.

111 2nd Street, Gardiner, MT 59030