The Gift of Travel

On Sunday, Dec. 11, Travel Channel has your holiday gift list covered. Tune in for a full day of amazing escapes that will sure to make any recipient shout with glee. So remember, this season give the gift of travel.

Glamping @ 12|11c

Glamorous camping, or glamping, means five-star amenities in the wild! From butlers to sushi chefs, we're dishing up the best places to rough it in style. Glamorous campers are enjoying the great outdoors with all the amenities of a high-end hotel and we're hitting the trail to find the premier glamping destinations this country has to offer.

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Ultimate Glamping Experience
Wild West Glamping
Go Glamping in Idaho
Glamping in Treebones Resort

Petcations @ 1|12c

With nearly twenty percent of vacationers traveling with their pets, many are looking for places to go that accommodate their 4-legged friends. Our travels cover the full spectrum of pet-centric activities from the truly sublime to the completely absurd. We see everything from a dog surfing school in San Diego to a pet-only luxury hotel in Florida and everywhere in between. Stops along the way include a lavish California beach town devoted to dogs, a canine weight loss camp, an annual Ohio festival that honors pet skunks and much, much more.

Spa Treatments for Your Dog
Gone to the Dogs
Plan a Petcation
Unusual Hotel Guests

Jones family at the Colorado Gator Farm

Ultimate Family Travel @ 2|1c

Pack up the family because Travel Channel is counting down the best family adventures, from a $100 tangle with alligators to a $57,000 Titanic voyage.

Family Vacations with Gators
Ski Like an Olympic Champ
Join the Circus at Club Med
Climb a Giant 250-Foot Tree
Villa Del Lago

Jaw Dropping Rentals @ 3|2c

With big-time bucks comes big-time luxury. Check out these high-end rentals from Colorado to Tuscany -- they're not called jaw-dropping for nothing.
Delray Beach

Top 10 Florida Beaches @ 4|3c

Grab your towel and sunblock, and check out the best Florida beaches.

Sizzle on South Beach
Hit Miami's Beaches
Play on Smathers Beach
Beach Parties and Bull-Riding

Top 10 Mexican Beach Resorts @ 5|4c

For anyone with a dream of sun-drenched fun, Mexico's beaches are no longer just for the well-to-do. Today, resorts on the country's Pacific and Caribbean coasts offer something for every taste, and budget. What's more, most Americans can make the trip to Mexico in little more than a 2-hour flight. So, before making plans for an adventure south of the border, read on for Travel Channel's list of the Top 10 Mexican Beach Resorts.

Mexico's Hidden Surfing Gem
Savor Mexico Resorts Beach
Swim with Whale Sharks
Visit Beautiful Desert Beach
Glacier Lodge

VIP Alaska @ 6|5c

From sailing the regal coastline to cabins so remote you feel like you're the only person in the world. VIP Alaska combines uncompromising beauty with the uncompromising taste of high-end travelers.

Tricked Out Trailers @ 7|6c

Viewers are taken on a cross-country tour of the world's Ultimate RV's. We’ll hitch a ride on a movie star’s multi-million dollar posh palace, get wet and wild on the world’s only amphibious motor coach, go off-roading in an all-terrain RV, tailgate in style in a sports fan’s fightin’ machine and party like rock stars on a tour bus.

The History of RVs
Ride Inside a Mobile Mansion
The Mad Max of Winnebagos
Eagles Fans No. 1 Trailer