Most Terrifying Places in America

Evil lurks in every dark corner while restless spirits haunt America's most frightening spots. Travel Channel is taking you to the creepiest haunted mansions, most terrifying basements and the scariest stretch of road in the States.

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Shanghai Tunnels

The Shanghai Tunnels, an underground network of dark passageways, snake across 9 miles from Old Town to downtown Portland. These tunnels have a sinister past as the center of an illegal maritime practice known as "shanghaiing." From 1870 to 1940, abductors snatched up unsuspecting men and sold them to sea captains to work aboard ships for free. Crafty "shanghaiiers" preyed on their victims at saloons that had trap doors, or dead falls, that released sloshed bar patrons into this subterranean maze. The abductors held the men captive in these tunnels until they were ready to ship them out to sea, sometimes to ports as far as Shanghai. Today, tour guides lead guests through the tunnels, which are said to be haunted by the restless spirits of these captives who died underground.

Old Town Tatu

Patrons looking to get inked at Chicago's Old Town Tatu may be surprised to find more than body artwork at this haunted shop. In the 1880s, this spot was home to Chicago's first established funeral parlor. Richie "Tapeworm" Hererra saw potential in this former mortuary and converted the rented building into a tattoo shop in 2003. But the artists and visitors were spooked by all kinds of unnatural activity, including poltergeists that moved objects and a ghostly apparition of a man in a suit. Sadly, owner Richie Hererra passed away of a heart attack while in the building. However, his friends believe his spirit lingers, looking over the staff and sometimes even playing practical jokes.
Lemp Mansion
The Lemp Mansion Restaurans & Inn

Lemp Mansion

This grand mansion may be a popular inn and restaurant in St. Louis, MO, but its past is not so pleasant. The mansion is marked by 60 years of tragedy for the wealthy Lemp family. At least 4 members of this doomed dynasty died in the house on DeMenil Place. William Lemp committed suicide in his home 1904. When the family brewing business went bad during the 1920s, his son Billy took his own life as well. In 1949 it was Billy's brother Charles who committed the third suicide in the home. The fourth death in the family was a 13-year-old boy who was physically and mentally disabled. He lived his life hidden away in the attic, gazing out the window at the life outside until he died in that same room. Visitors can experience the paranormal -- and may even encounter one of these spirits -- on a weekly ghost tour of the mansion.
Bobby Mackey’s

Bobby Mackey's Music World

This haunted honky-tonk is a real scream but not just because of the rollicking music and mechanical bull. Even the loudest line dancing can't scare away the ghosts prowling around the basement. Pearl Bryan was just 22 years old when she was killed during a botched amateur abortion in 1896. Then in the 1950s, a love story turned sour when another young pregnant woman killed herself and her unborn child after her father had the child's father killed. With tales of lost love, satanic rituals, botched abortions and suicide, an eerie vibe remains underground in this ghastly hot spot.