Managing a Miami Mancation

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Miami oozes with a sensual, sybaritic appeal. It’s where substance and spectacle cross swords. With sizzling beaches, non-stop nightlife, world-class cuisine and even the raw world of a gator-ridden swamp close by, it’s a classic Mancation location. 

Leave your khaki trousers and polo shirts at home, boys. In Miami your look is access. You’re gonna need to raise your game.

Travel on your Stomach

Miami’s cuisine is on fire, funky cool and built for men. You’re first culinary stop should be for man-sized meat at Prime 112. Make reservations early and show up earlier than your reserved time because at the bar, instead of peanuts the snack, is bacon.

But, to truly show your insider chops, table-up at Barton G restaurant, where funk meets food. When you order lobster tarts, they bring the toaster to heat them. All the food comes with a similar twist. The signature nitrogen drinks come to the table with smoke pouring from the glass, like something from Star Trek.

And, when your stumbling to your hotel just before sunrise, you can’t go wrong with some comfort food from at a local favorite called the Beer and Burger Joint.


Miami is a hot zone for watching a sporting event or enjoying an athletic activity. Organize your Mancation during such events as the Dolphins or University of Miami football teams. Remember, it’s tropical hot year-round and the hotties in the stands and the parking lots dress to beat the heat. For indoor action, you’ve got the Heat on the court and the Panthers on the ice.

Integrate you activities into the water. The sailing and scuba diving are world class. Under the water, the sea floor is full of wrecks, lemon sharks, and eels. Above the water the trade winds swell your spinnaker or kiteboard sail like a pregnant belly. You could spend your entire Mancation wet, tailgating at football games, cheating on your golf score or cruising up to the bar on the inner-coastal waterway in your cigarette boat.

Chase Tail

Take a break from the fashionistas, and slip off to the swamp to see a prehistoric version of the world. The small Everglades blip of Coopertown, a mere 20 miles from Miami beach, is ground zero for gators. You’ll strap into an airboat and sweep into a river of grass like a screaming banshee to see American alligators and even a few saltwater crocodiles in the wild, both ancient predators that would eat you if they could. If you’re lucky, you’ll also catch a rare glimpse at a Florida panther. After you clean the bugs from your teeth, order up a bucket of ice-cold beer and a plate of gator bites (the meat, not the chomp) as the sun sets on one of the most primordial places on the planet.


Shopping seems so anti-Mancation, but it’s see and be seen here and it’s an essential way of life once the sun goes down. The way to look and be cool in the Miami-scene is don’t be derivative, and make it look effortless. One quick stop at Bal Harbor will get you into the brands that matter … especially when you want to get past the velvet rope in the rarified world of Miami’s nightlife.

Velvet Rope

First, hit up your concierge. These guys usually have a tip or insider access to the immoderate, exclusive, thick with models and actors, and zealously trendy, bars. What’s hot now, may not be in the morning. The famed global brand of sex appeal, Nikki Beach, lives up to its reputation every night. The Mynt Lounge defines Miami’s glamorous, over-the-top nightlife. If you feel like a throwback man’s world for the night, the city crawls with ex-pat Cubans and you’ll find single malt, leather, dark wood, and power player cigar lounges throughout the city from the Capital Grille to the Abby Brewing Company.

For men, Miami’s the closest thing we have in the U.S. to the trendy French Riviera. But, Miami is cooler, the women are hotter, the beaches are whiter and softer, and there are far more Europeans on the prowl. It all contributes to prime Miami Mancation time.