Our Hosts' Favorite Roller Coasters

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Travel Channel hosts share the thrill rides that still make them feel like a kid, from a Coney Island classic to major Disney attractions.
Coney Island
Sasha Charoensub

Don Wildman, Off Limits

"At Coney Island you can still ride the great-granddaddy of them all, The Cylcone -- an old-fashioned thrill-ride without the motion sickness." It's also a favorite of Adam Richman, Anthony Melchiorri and Andrew Zimmern, who calls it "creaky fun."
King Da Ka
Dusso Janladde, Wikimedia Commons

Mark Meyer, Baggage Battles

My favorite coaster is … "the King Da Ka, because it’s more of a rocket ship than a coaster. [The] nighttime launch is a must."
Coasterman1234, Wikimedia Commons

Laurence and Sally Martin, Bagge Battles

My favorite roller coaster is … "Corkscrew, the first roller coaster Laurence went on. Sally doesn’t do roller coasters … they are too scary for her."
Rock'n Roller, Disney Studios
Courtesy of Disney

Samantha Brown

My favorite roller coaster is … "Rock’n Roller [at] Disney Studios -- high speed and rock and roll, need I say more?"
Disney's Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
Courtesy of Disney

Nick Groff, Ghost Adventures

My favorite roller coaster is … "Disney's Big Thunder Mountain Railroad." We bet he can't wait to take his daughter on the indoor/outdoor mine train when she's old enough.
Courtesy of the Puyallup Fair

Sue McGrew, Sand Masters

My favorite roller coaster is ... "the old wooden roller coaster at the Western Washington Puyallup Fair."