Super Bowl Brothers

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Four men -- Tom Henschel, Don Crisman, Bob Cook and Larry Jacobson -- are forever linked by the “streak.” They have attended every Super Bowl game, and plan to be in Dallas Stadium for Super Bowl XLV. The 4 remaining members of the “Never Miss a Super Bowl Club” (as seen in Visa credit card commercials) share a common bond in their passion for football -- and travel.

The 4 men met after the NFL found out about them some 15 years ago and started sending them tickets at face value to keep the streaks alive in an affordable fashion. Since then, they have sat together at every event.

Watching every Super Bowl from inside the stadium is only a part of their experiences. They’ve enjoyed visiting major cities like Miami, New Orleans, Minneapolis, Los Angeles and Tampa. They’ve been able to cheer on the 49ers, Patriots, Steelers and Packers, their respective favorite teams. And they’ve forged a lifetime of memories they’ll never forget.

Bill Kamenjar tracked down the 4 super fans and talked to them by phone about their near half century of Super Bowl memories.

Tom Henschel, 69, of Natrona Heights near Pittsburgh, PA, became a Steelers fan along with his dad and has worked in the airline industry his entire adult life.

Don Crisman, 74, of Kennebunk, ME, was born in Rhode Island and has been a true Patriots fan from the time the franchise was created in 1960.

Bob Cook, 79, of Brown Deer, WI, is a dyed-in-the-wool Green Bay Packers fan. Cook bought his first ticket for around $10 to watch his favorite team play for a title then known as the AFL-NFL Championship Game.

Larry Jacobson, 71, has lived in San Francisco his entire life and has owned 49ers season tickets for 58 years. Larry has also attended the last 11 Summer Olympics, dating back to Mexico City in 1968, and has made 46 trips to the Rose Bowl.