Bar de Santa

Tony's friends Renato and Priscila take him to enjoy a typical Brazilian breakfast - grilled bread with butter and coffee.

Alameda Joaquim Eugênio de Lima 1417


Bar Do Mane

Tony and his friend Gabriella, enjoyed a famous Mortadella sandwich at the Bar Do Mane.


Boteco Bar

Tony visits a local bar with his new friends and samples some Brazilian favorites.

Rua Faustolo 463 Lapa, São Paulo


Grand Hyatt Sao Paolo

Avenida das Nacoes Unidas, 13.301, Sao Paulo, SP, 04578-000

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Leitão do Mario da Vileta

Tony and Felipe enjoy delicious pernil (pork leg) sandwiches at this popular street vendor. Eating the sandwich can get a little messy. The bun is full of pork, onions, lettuce, baby peas, mayo and a special sauce.

Travessa Vileta, 2753-3099 ¿ Marco, Belém ¿ PA, 66095-740, Brazil

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Margem Esquerda Do Rio Guama ' Cumbu Island

This restaurant (acai farm) is located on the other side of the river from Belem and is surrounded by jungle. Tony learns about the acai berry from local botanist, Dr. Urano Carvalho.

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Mexiana Island

This entire island is privately owned and is home to the Marajo Resort Park. Tony went fishing for the monstrous Pirarucu, went on a safari drive, a jungle walk in search of monkeys and also got a taste of water buffalo cheese.

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Tacacá da Dona Maria

At the corner of Av. Nazaré and Vila Quintino is the street vendor who is reputed to have the best Tacacá in town. It is made up of tupuci, jambu, cassava starch, salted dried shrimp and peppers and is eaten with a toothpick.

Av. Nazaré, 758-942 ¿ Nazaré, Belém ¿ PA, 66035-170, Brazil


Tacacá da Duque

At this small restaurant, Tony tries Maniçoba, a classic Amazonian dish. The base of this meal comes from the leaves of the manioc plant that have been ground and boiled for several days to remove the poisonous chemical hydrogen cyanide.

Av. Duque de Caxias, 994-1132 ¿ Marco, Belém ¿ PA, 66093-400, Brazil

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Ver-O-Peso Fish Market

The Ver-O-Peso Market is Belem's grocery store. Tony and Amazonian chef Ofir de Oliviera picked out the Filhote Fish that Ofir would prepare for dinner.

Av. Portugal, 266-328 ¿ Campina, Belém ¿ PA, 66015-190, Brazil