Puka Dog

These Hawaiian-style hot dogs are wrapped in a cylindrical bun, which is filled with local toppings like mango and guava.

2301 Kuhio Ave., Honolulu, HI 96815


Wet Taco Stand

This little taco stand serves just about any kind of meat you can think of.

Zocalo, Mexico City


Abu Abdullah's Place

This food stand in Saudi Arabia sells all kinds of mystery meats and a dish that contains sheep's hooves. Tony finds it quite good while his sidekick, Danya, is disgusted.

Saudi Arabia


East Harbor Seafood Dim-Sum Palace (Ying Bun)

Tony, chef Chris Cheung and friends visit the best dim sum house in Brooklyn.

714-726 65th St, Sunset Park, Brooklyn, NY 11220


Los Chocoleros

This roadside stand sells all kinds of meat, specializing in deep-fried pig parts. The main attraction is chinchurria, which is deep-fried lower intestine.



Bucha Place

This open-air restaurant features meat grilled on a small contraption on the sidewalk.

8 Khuc Hao, Hanoi, Vietnam


Snail Shop

This is a simple and casual restaurant open to the street that makes all sorts of great Vietnamese street food such as grilled chicken feet and snails.

14/12 Ky Dong St., Ward G, District 3, HCMC, Vietnam


Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken and Rice Stand

Chef Loi Chee Sao attracts loyal fans with his boiled spring chicken rice dish and amazing condiments, which are served from a small stand in the Maxwell Food Center.

Stall 10, Maxwell Food Center, 12 Murray St., 079524, Singapore


B1-13 Golden Mile Hawker Center

Tony eats Singaporean specialty Sup Tulang, which means bone soup in English. In this amazing food court, the food is fresh, unique and delicious.

6001 Beach Rd, Singapore, Singapore 19, Singapore


Dai Pai Dong

Tony visits this Hong Kong market where he tries pissing shrimp, fish heads and noodles, squid balls, and pig knuckles.

99, Java Rd, North Point, Hong Kong


Sunder Ban Jungle Camp

Tony goes on a boat ride through the Sunder Ban National Park and eats delicious fish and curry. The food is cooked on the engine of the boat.

Bali, No 9, Bali Island, P.O. Gosaba, W. Bengal, India


Choon Hui Cafe

In this cafe Tony eats Laksa, a very spicy soup made with noodles, shrimp, egg and chili paste.

Ban Hock Rd, Kuching Malaysia