Burj Al Arab

The world's tallest hotel, the Burj Al Arab is built on a man-made island that drips with decadence. The Burj also boasts a slew of restaurants including Al Mahara, where guests are welcomed with a simulated submarine ride.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Satwa Road

Friday, the only day off for most foreign laborers working in Dubai, is the time to partake in a food crawl among the clamoring food carts of Satwa Road. Tony goes to Raouf Sweets for some samosas and then to Al Janoor for swarmas.

Satwa Rd., Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Ski Dubai

In Dubai you can ski indoors in the middle of the desert. Anthony Bourdain hits the slopes and visits the Avalanche Café for an après ski hot cocoa.

Mall of the Emirates, Sheikh Zayed Rd., Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Bu Qtair

Bu Qtair is a Fish Curry Shack in a trailer with some outside seating near the beach where Dhow boats arrive with the catch of the day.

Umm Sequim, Dubai, United Arab Emirates



Verre is Gordon Ramsay's first restaurant venture outside of the United Kingdom, located at the Hilton Dubai Creek. Verre made the 2007 list of World's Best Restaurants'.

Hilton Dubai Creek, 28 B St., Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Ravi Restaurant

Ravi is a Pakistani canteen famous for it's mutton chops, mutton soup, mutton masala and mutton curry.

Al Dhiyafa Rd., Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Bait al Mandi

Like a form of shish kabob, Mandi is a very popular Yemeni dish that can be found all over the Middle East. Tony checks out where the best Mandi is in Dubai.

Muraqabat, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Al Bait al Baghdadi

Anthony Bourdain checks out one of the best Baghdadi restaurants in Dubai. Lunch is Pacha, known as the poor man's food. Usually eaten with lemon and chilies, Pacha is basically a stew of boiled stomach and intestines served with bread.

E 66, Dubai, United Arab Emirates