La Esquina

Tony and his local sidekick Santiago Rosero visit La Esquina for breakfast -- calf fetus soup and bull penis stew, a perfect way to start the morning in Quito.

Guayaquil 343 La Ronda, Centro Historico, Quito, Ecuador


San Agustin -- Paila Ice Cream

San Agustin ice cream parlor has been in business for nearly 150 years. Many of their flavors are made from locally grown fruits. Tony and local sidekick Santiago try the taxo -- a long skinny orange fruit grown in Ecuador.

Centro Historico Guayaquil N5-59 entre Mejia y Chile, Quito, Ecuador

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Pobre Diablo

Tony meets up with Santiago Rosero and the members of his band, Rocola Bacalao. The 2 try the most popular drink in Quito -- Canelazo, a hot drink made from cinnamon tea and cane alcohol.

Avenida Isabel Católica y Francisco Galavis, Quito, Ecuador

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Escuela Taller Quito (Restoration Project)

The historic district of the city is being restored to its original splendor with the help of students from the Escuela Taller. Students learn metal work including gold-leaf techniques.

Sebastián de Benalcázar, Quito, Ecuador


El Pelicano Restaurant

At El Pelicano Tony meets with Ivo and Fernando Gutierrez for something very rare called a Percebes, a type of shellfish that grows only on the rocks where there is heavy surf.

Salango, Canton Puerto Lopez, Manabi, Ecuador


La Calderada

Tony stops for a quick bite of la calderada and colonche. La calderada consists of seafood chowder with crabs, prawns, crayfish and mussels. Colonche is a seafood peanut curry with crayfish and plantain.

Manglaralto, Ecuador

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Mercado Caraguay

Local chef Andres Soroza brings Tony to the Caraguay Market in Guayaquil for some hearty breakfast.

Av. Domingo Comin, Guayaquil, Ecuador


Restaurante La Guatita

Local foodie Diego Perez takes Tony for a traditional soup breakfast. First stop is La Guatita, a hole in the wall serving tripe soup. It was a favorite of Ecuador's loved and hated president Abdala Bucaram.

Pedro Moncayo ,Guayaquil, Ecuador


El Pez Volador

Diego Perez takes Tony to his second-favorite breakfast spot where they have Ensebollado, a very typical Ecuadorian fish stew. The stew contains such ingredients as albacore tuna, fresh prawns, yucca, tomato and onion.

Aguirre y Jose Mascote, Guayaquil, Ecuador


JW Marriott Hotel Quito

Av. Orellana 1172 y Av. Amazonas Quito, Ecuador


Hosteria Mandála -- Puerto López

Puerto López, Manabí, Ecuador


Oro Verde Guayaquil

Av. Nueve de Octubre, Guayaquil, Ecuador