Hotel Oloffson

Located in downtown Port-au-Prince, Anthony Bourdain checks into the Grand Hotel Oloffson, the setting for one of his favorite books by Graham Greene, The Comedians.

60 Christophe Ave, Port-au-Prince, Haiti


Assiette Creole Restaurant

Tony and friends visit Assiette Creole Restaurant to taste some authentic Creole cuisine. Tony enjoys griot (fried pork skin and fat), boiled pink fish, red beans and rice, pikliz (Haitian relish) and fried plantains.

13 Rue Capoi, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

See & Do

Rue Des Poules

Anthony Bourdain and Handy Tibert check out a crowded street aptly named "Chicken Street." It's here where anyone can find an assortment of prepared Caribbean and Creole-style barbecued chicken.

Rue St-Honore, Port-au-Prince, Haiti