Fox Pub

Anthony Bourdain heads to this expat bar to meet up with Alan Wong, a local Harbiner and Tony's guide for the majority of his trip.

Nangang, Harbin, China


Bai Yi Da Di Guo

This hot pot restaurant has communal tables built over coal stoves used to keep the food hot during the meal.


USA Bucks Bar

At this unique and American kitsch location on Harbin's main street, USA Bucks Bar serves up a hearty snack of local sausages and beer.


Zhao Ji Lao Pu (Manchu Cuisine)

Classic Manchurian cuisine is the focus of this multi-generational restaurant in downtown Harbin.


Lao Liu Sha Zhu Cai (Old Liu's Kill Pig Cuisine)

In the form of a grand banquet, this jovial restaurant celebrates pork in as many different ways as you can imagine.


Around the World

Harbin's Russian locals dine at this spot where they serve up amazing food along with copious amounts of vodka.

See & Do

Sun Mountain Yabuli Ski Resort

At this up and coming international ski resort, Tony meets up with some of its executives and hits the slopes on a frigid day in Yabuli.


Da Song Shui Jiao (Big Song's Dumplings)

Tony and Alan hit up a tiny dumpling shop to try its version of Harbin's dumpling flare.


Zhang Fei Pa Rou Meatball and Pork Restaurant

This location serves up hearty portions high in fat to warm up its customers during the long winter season.