Aunt Merle's Fish Shack

Tony and his friend Sarah enjoy a meal of fresh seafood at this beachside restaurant.

Hellshire Beach, Kingston, Jamaica

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Craighton Estate Blue Mountain Coffee

Jamaica is a huge producer of coffee. Tony visits Craighton Estate Blue Mountain Coffee, set in the majestic hills of Jamaica, to see the coffee production process and enjoy a meal with a local family.

Irish Town, Jamaica


Strawberry Hill Resort

Irish Town, Jamaica

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The Jamaican Caves Organization

Tony and the crew spend a grueling morning hiking to and through an underground cave system in the Jamaican jungle. Bat feces, feral cats and cockroaches the size of small children make for an interesting time.

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Sonic Sounds

There is a huge music scene in Jamaica, including recording studios, rappers and a phenomenon called Dancehall, when young Jamaicans gather together for a giant dance party. Tony pays a visit to a Jamaican musician at his recording studio.

Kingston, Jamaica