Ristorante Paris

Anthony Bourdain heads to this family-owned restaurant to meet up with Cesare Casella and try some of their most popular Roman fare.

Piazza di San Calisto, 7/a, Roma, Italy


Salumeria Roscioli

Fresh ingredients reign supreme at this butcher shop near Campo di Fiore in the city center. Anthony Bourdain samples the finest cheese, meat and wine in the back storeroom.

Via dei Giubbonari, 21-22, Roma, Italy

See & Do

Harry's Bar

On the most glamorous stretch of road in Rome, Anthony Bourdain sits and enjoys a cocktail surrounded by socialites, a movie set and a photo shoot.

Via Veneto, 150, Roma, Italy


Filipo La Mantia

Anthony Bourdain is treated to a luxurious multi-course dinner by esteemed chef Mantia at the Hotel Majestic's featured restaurant.

Majestic Hotel, Via Veneto, Roma, Italy



Anthony Bourdain and some new friends escape the bustle of Rome for a fish barbecue at Lido, located on the Lazio Coast.

Lungomare delle Meduse, 114-116, Torvaianica, Italy


Roma Sparita

Anthony Bourdain tries what Romans have adopted as their modern favorite ' a pasta dish known as Cacio e Pepe.

Piazza Santa Cecilia, 24, Roma, Italy


Nonna Betta e il Giardino Romano

The artichoke is a recurring ingredient in many Roman dishes, but this location, found in the Jewish quarter of Rome, prepares them as the main course.

Via del Portico d'Ottavia, 16, Roma, Italy


A Casa di Rita

On the outskirts of Rome, Rita has converted an old home into a trattoria. Anthony Bourdain visits her to sample some of her fresh dishes.

Via delle ciliegie 145/E, Roma, Italy