Da Romano

Tony visits Da Romano Trattoria on the island of Burano (of lace-making fame). The restaurant has been open for over 100 years and is tied to tradition. Tony tries Goh risotto, the restaurant's obsession.

Calle Delle Clarisse, 6/A, 30141 Venezia (VE), Italy


Locanda Montin

Venetian artist Geoffrey Humphries and Tony dine at Montin. They have dinner the way penniless Venetian artists have for centuries -- trading a painting for a hot meal and a glass of vino.

S. Trovaso, Fondamenta Eremite, 1147, Venice


Al Covo

Tony visits Al Covo to sample some of the freshest seafood in all of Venice including some of the house specialties and local favorites: fritto (a large array of small fried fish) and the deep-fried soft-shell crabs caught earlier that day.

Castello, 3968, Venice 30135, Italy


Al Diavolo e L'Acqua Santa

Tony meets up with a local to explore Venice's back alleys full of small eateries where they sample ombretta (a little glass of wine) and bite-size Venetian appetizers.

Calle della Madonna San Polo 561B Venice, Italy


Cantina Do Mori

Tony and Gigi start their Bacari (tapas bar) crawl at Cantina Do Mori. They sample some local staples and chat about the Venetian pace of life.

S. Polo, 429 30125 Venice, Italy


Pronto Pesce

Tony and Gigi visit the second bacari (tapas bar), which is renowned for putting new, modern, innovative twists on old favorites.

San Polo 319 Venice, Italy


Mascaron Resataurant

Tony ends his first day in Venice at Gigi's restaurant where the chef has cooked up all the beautiful fish picked out earlier that day during Tony and Gigi's tour of the Rialto fish market.

Castello, 5225, 30122 Venezia, Italy


Trattoria Borghi

After pulling up and docking a mammoth ship, Tony and Stefano meet up with some of Stefano's colleagues at a local trattoria to discuss what makes Venice so unique: the people.

Dorsoduro, 1516, 30123 Venezia (VE), Italy