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Daymon “Daym” Patterson is a self-proclaimed “simple man when life in general is discussed.” But when it comes to his YouTube channel, “Daym Drops,” he is a certified YouTube sensation, with over 12.1 million views.

Daym engages with his “Fam,” or social media family, on a regular basis, taking food-review requests from his Facebook friends, Twitter followers and YouTube subscribers. When taking a break from his YouTube channel, Patterson reaches out to his “Fam” through, his relationship advice blog, and, which features his travels, full reviews of dishes and his thoughts on restaurants.

His popularity has drawn the attention of millions of fans, including late-night talk show host Jimmy Fallon, which led to special guest appearances on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” reviewing Whitman's Chocolate Sampler for Valentine's Day 2013 and the return of McDonald’s McRib in 2012. Prior to “Daym Drops,” Daym’s YouTube channel was known as “Ghetto News Network” or “G.N.N.,” where he created a series of low budget commercials for products that caught his attention. His first commercial about a food product garnered more views in 1 week than all his other videos received for the entire month. With this new information in hand, Daym changed his reviews to be solely based on food -- with an injection of his larger-than-life personality -- and began his career of delivering hilarious and insightful commentary from the driver’s seat of his car.

In Travel Channel’s new original series, Best Daym Takeout, Daym continues to give fans his distinctive reviews and off-the-wall commentary while traveling the country in search of the best carryout in each town he visits. From big-city eats to small-town shops, his blend of comically poetic descriptions will have viewers craving delicious takeout all over America.