Rules of Best of the Road

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How does Best of the Road work? First, hundreds of towns across the country get nominated as best town in one of three categories: Most Beautiful, Most Fun, and Best Food. Thousands of Americans across the country vote online to narrow those towns down to the top 5 in each category.

Then, in Best of the Road, three road trip teams set out on a cross-country road trip to visit each town and determine which will take the title of best. Team Beautiful is seeking the most beautiful among the finalist towns. Team Fun is seeking the town with the most fun factor, and Team Food is tasting their way across the country to decide the best Food town in America.

The teams will act as proxies for the viewers and judges of the ultimate winner in their category. Each team will debate the merits of each finalist town they visit along the trip in relation to the others, and at the end, help declare the winner of their category! Each week, road-tripping teams will travel across the country in search of the very best small towns in America.

On Friday, June 15, teams depart Washington, DC, after they are presented with their road maps. Each team will travel a different route across the country through a select group of towns that were chosen as finalists based on a nationwide online poll. Over the next month, the teams will search for the best small towns in America as they make their way to their final destination, Seattle.