Scott's Bar-B-Que

Andrew samples wood-smoked pulled pork bacon and pulled pork with pig skin at this restaurant located in Charleston's deep low country.

2734 Hemingway Hwy Hemingway, SC 29554-5420


Martha Lou's Kitchen

Andrew joins Sean Brock, one of Charleston's most celebrated chefs, for a meal at his favorite place, this soul food restaurant. Andrew eats chitterlings and lima beans cooked with neck bones, pig tails, onions and sugar.

1068 Morrison Dr. Charleston, SC 29403


McCrady's Restaurant

Chef Sean Brock brings Andrew to his restaurant, McCrady's, where they cook and eat an Ossabaw pig. Andrew samples, fried pig's ears, Ossabaw terrine,Charleston gold rice and Ossabow jowl.

2 Unity Alley, Downtown Charleston, SC 29401

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Clamming of the Coast

Andrew visits McClellanville, one of the last fishing villages in South Carolina. He goes out on the water with a clam farmer to help him with his haul, but this trip proves to be a challenge as they brave the elements of a storm over the Atlantic.

McClellanville, SC


Buckshot's Carry Out

Andrew visits one of the best soul food cafes run by the Green family. He's lucky enough to get an invitation to eat dinner at their home. Andrew samples the macaroni and cheese, boiled pig's feet, poorman's stew, baked quail and chicken feet.

10030 N Hwy 17, McClellanville, SC

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Living off the Land

Andrew meets up with shrimp boat Captain Larry McClellan, a direct descendent of the man who founded McClellanville, a fishing village. Larry and his sons show Andrew how they hunt and butcher their own meat, including a feral pig.

McClellanville, SC


Bowen's Island Restraurant

Andrew heads father down the coast to this restaurant for an oyster roast. Andrew eats steamed oysters.

1870 Bowens Island Rd Charleston, SC 29412

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Fishing for Breakfast

Andrew's friends Matt and Ted Lee take take him out to cast net for their breakfast. The brothers created their own mail-order business selling southern food staples. Andrew eats shrimp and grits with gravy made from pork necks and shrimp heads.

Adjer’s Wharf, Charleston, SC


Robert's Stehling's Hominy Grill

The Lee brothers take Andrew to a restaurant known for serving a traditional southern comfort food --boiled green peanuts.

207 Rutledge Ave Charleston, SC 29403

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3 o'clock Dinner

Andrew and the Lee Brothers stop by the home of another friend that serves them a 3 o’clock dinner that includes chicken bog, green tomato pickle, butter beans and huguenot torte made with pears, apples and sugar.

Charleston, SC