Ana Maria

For a taste of the local restaurant scene, Andrew heads to a place wildly popular with the Santiago locals. The chef here is best-known for her dishes featuring one very tough mollusk called abalone.

Club H¿pico 476, Santiago, Chile


El Parron

Andrew visits a Parillada, a South American meat grill where every part of the animal is served, including cow udder and Chunchules, twisted and braided intestines.

Av. Providencia 1184, Santiago, Chile



This restaurant serves a hot dog with avocado, tomato, mayonnaise and salad with onions and cilantro.

1016 Agustinas, near the Plaza de Armas, Santiago, Chile


Café Urriola

Much of the conger eel they catch ends up in local restaurants, so Andrew heads north to the country's largest sea port.

Urriola 383 Valparaiso, Chile

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Mercado Central

For his next meal, Andrew embarks on a shopping trip to the local market to sample piure and giant oyster.

San Pablo 967 interior Santiago, GA Chile

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Fundo Callanco Cattle Ranch

Andrew travels out of the city and heads south to the countryside for an extreme ranch experience. The ranch workers castrate young bulls as Andrew watches and waits to taste the results; he tries bull testicles, scrotum stew, and fresh lamb's blood.

Temuco, Chile

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Because of its extraordinarily long coastline, Chileans love their seafood. Andrew is visiting a fishing village that does things the old-fashioned way. Andrew samples conger eel.

Quintay, Chile