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Biker Jim's (Food Cart)

Meet Biker Jim, a food cart vendor who sells sausages made from different kinds of game meat. Sample Jim's elk sausage with cheese, sauerkraut and onions.

16th Street Mall (Between 16th and Arapahoe), Denver, CO


Bruce's Bar

You'll find a different twist on Rocky Mountain oysters at Euclid Hall, a gastro pub that serves young beef testicles that are seasoned and sautéed with a jerk-seasoned banana chutney.

123 1st Street Severance, CO 80546


Buckhorn Exchange

Dine at Denver's oldest restaurant, a place that specializes in game meat such as yak, buffalo and elk.

1000 Osage Street, Denver, CO 80204

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Continental Sausage

Visit this modern modern facility that uses old-world recipes and techniques to make game meat sausages like jackalope sausage (pork, antelope and jack rabbit with dried cherries and habanero peppers).

911 East 75th Ave Denver, CO 80229

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Coors Field

Andrew visits Colorado's premier baseball stadium to sample a local delicacy: Rocky Mountain oysters, otherwise known as deep-fried bull testicles.

2151 Blake Street Denver, CO 80205


El Taco de Mexico

A popular restaurant in Denver serving authentic Mexican food, much like you would find in Mexico City. Try the restaurants tacos with cheek meat, and tongue alongside red chili sauce, and the marinated pork.

714 Santa Fe Drive Denver CO 80204


Euclid Hall

You'll find a different twiste on Rocky Mountain oysters at Euclid Hall, a gastro pub that serves young beef testicles, that are seasoned and sautéed with a jerk seasoned banana chutney.

1317 14th Street, Historic Larimer Square, Denver, CO 80202

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Join members of the Colorado Hawking Club to see how master falconers and gamehawkers train birds, such as a red tailed hawk and an Arctic gyrfalcon.

Outskirts of Denver, CO

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Federal Boulevard Food Carts

Mexican food lovers can delight in the offerings along Federal Boulevard, sampling Denver-Mexican cuisine.

Federal Blvd., Denver, CO


The Original Chubby’s

This iconic spot in the Mile High City is known for its green chili sauce. Also make sure to try the Mexican hamburger smothered in green chili sauce (made with chili peppers, pork, flour, lard and tomatoes).

1231 W. 38th Ave. Denver, CO 80211


Parallel 17 Bistro

Denver's premier restaurant for adventurous eaters that serves ant larvae beignets, jellyfish salad, Coq au vin with silkie black chicken, and Tum Yum Taley with pig uterus.

1600 East 17th Avenue, Denver 80218