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Bert's Marketplace

Detroit is a city of soul food. During the hay day of the auto industry, thousands of African-Americans migrated from the south, bringing their food and traditions along with them. Andrew eats Bert's BBQ chicken and ribs.

2727 Russell Street, Detroit, MI 48207


Motor City Soul Food

Andrew and Detroit News columnist Chuck Bennett stop here, where Martha Clay's cooking draws crowds. she brought her cooking and hospitality along with her when she moved to the Motor City from Mississippi. Andrew eats oxtails, chitlins and okra.

12700 W. 7 Mile Rd., Detroit, MI 48235


Café d’Mongo’s Speakeasy

Andrew and Chuck Bennett for an upscale version of Detroit soul food.

1439 Griswold Street Detroit, MI 48226


My Sisters and Me

Andrew gets some home-style soul food when he samples several desserts at this restaurant run by 5 sisters who cook with their own family recipes. Andrew samples the peach cobbler, banana pudding and caramel cake.

17410 Griswold Street Detroit, MI 48224

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Detroit Mower Gang / O’ Shea Playground

Andrew meets the Detroit Mower Gang. The group of men get together on summer weekends to clean up and cut grass at city parks. They also bring creative foods to eat. He tries smoked beef tongue, raccoon, manifold meatloaf and more.

Corner of Greenfield Rd and Capital Street, Detroit, MI

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Super Greenland Market

Andrew visits Dearborn, MI, home to the most concentrated Arab population in the US. His friend, Rana, pick up some food and sample kefta, kibbe nayeh and sliced, raw cow liver, served with chiles, onions and mint.

12715 W. Warren Ave. Dearborn, MI 48126


Masri Sweets

Andrew and Rana stop by a bakery where they get some fresh sweets, including one straight out of the oven!

6235 Schaefer Rd. Dearborn, MI 48126



Andrew is invited to a home of a local family for Ramadan, but first he stops by a local restaurant that serves Lebanese favorites, including a lamb brain sandwich.

14633 W. Warren Ave. Dearborn, MI 48126

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Andrew and Rana are invited into the home of a friend for the family Iftar, a huge traditional Lebanese feast, including kroosh, defta, kibbe nayeh and spicy lamb's tongue.

Dearborn, MI


Srodek's Deli

Andrew visits Hamtramck, the most internationally diverse town in Michigan. Forty-one percent of the population is foreign born, He stops at this Polish deli to taste spicy headcheese and jellied pig's feet.

9601 Joseph Campau, Hamtramck, MI 48212


Sheeba Restaurant

Andrew stops by this Yemeni restaurant and eats lamb kidney cut into small pieces and combined with onions, scallions, garlic and spices, served on a toasted sub roll.

8752 Joseph Campau Hamtramck, MI 48212


Amar's Pizza

After the Polish and Yemeni, the third largest ethnic population in Hamtramck is from South Asia, especially Bangladesh. Andrew and his guide, Mayor Karen Majewski, sample the pizza with a taste of Bangladesh.

11608 Conant Detroit, MI 48212

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Kap's Wholesale Meats

Andrew visits Detroit’s Eastern Market where he stops for some quick bites. He starts here and eats pig snout.

2630 Riopelle, Detroit, MI 48207

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Corridor Sausage Co.

Andrew meets 2 men who bring handcrafted meat to the market. He samples Vietnamese chicken sausage, pork and green curry sausage with mango salsa, and rustic country tureen.

Eastern Market, Detroit, MI

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Love's Custard Pies

Donnie Love learned how to make pies in her mother's kitchen in Arkansas. Now she sells all different kinds of pies at the Eastern Market, including chess pie and bean custard pie.

Eastern Market, Detroit, MI 48221


Supino's Pizza

Detroit is known for its authentic Italian pizza. Andrew samples the Pizza Bismark, a pizza with prosciutto and fresh duck egg.

2457 Russell St., Detroit, MI 48207