Food Factory Miyake

Andrew begins his trek in the city of Portland where he gets some fresh seafood at a sushi restaurant. Andrew samples sea cucumber, flounder roe soup with seaweed and fiddleheads.

129 Spring St., Portland, ME 04109


Hugo's Restaurant

Andrew meets up with his dad to try native Maine whelks, chowder with cod tongue, cod cheek, cod belly, cod loin and raw lobster with orange glaze, anise and apple wood smoke.

88 Middle St., Portland, ME 04101


Fore Street Restaurant

Andrew and his dad dine on some unusual Maine foods offered at Fore Street Restaurant in Portland. Andrew eats sardines with lemon aioli and monkfish liver.

288 Fore St., Portland, ME 04101

See & Do

Cushing's Island

Andrew helps judge a culinary death match. He eats monkfish head stew, roasted june bugs with barbecue sauce, limeade rimmed with crushed june bugs, chocolate-covered june bugs, oysters periwinkle snails with buerre fondue and moose and venison terri

Cushing's Island, Maine