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Meat Market

Meat is the heart and soul of the Mongolian diet. Andrew finds vast quantities of horse, camel, goat, sheep and cow. He buys a sheep's head and cooks up this local delicacy at an eatery across the street.

Huchit Shonhor Market, Denjiin Myanga, Chingeltei District, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

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Central Market

This market, more commonly known as the Black Market, is Mongolia's largest market, drawing up to 100,000 visitors every day. Vendors sell a variety of products, including sausage made from goat and sheep innards.

Naran Tuul Market, Narnii Zam, Bayanzurkh District, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

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Nomad Family

Andrew meet a nomadic family and eats foods, including a goat's carcass, stuffed with its own innards and hot rocks, to cook it from the inside out.

Tov Province, Mongolia

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Mongolian Archers

Andrew meets a group of archers practicing a unique style that descended from Mongol warriors from many centuries ago.

Tuul River, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

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Tumen Ekh Ensemble

Andrew gets a private lesson from a throat singer who is an expert at this ancient style of singing and he watches contortionists bend their bodies into human-pretzel like shapes.

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia