Fairmont Bagels

Andrew visits the Plateau neighborhood, and stops at this bagel shop where he gets a lesson on how to make fresh bagels the old-fashioned way.

74 Fairmount West, Montreal, Quebec


Schwartz's Deli

This deli is famous for its smoked meat, the Quebec version of pastrami. Andrew and Chef Nadia Giosia, host of the TV show 'Bitchin Kitchen,' sink their teeth into a smoked beef sandwich.

3895 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montreal, Quebec


La Canard Libere (Lake Brome Duck Deli)

Duck is a very popular meat in Quebec. Andrew checks out one of Nadia's favorite places, Brome Lake Duck Market and Bistro.

4396 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montreal, Quebec


DNA Restaurant

Andrew has waited years to dine at this restaurant,where Chef Derek Damman believes in using the entire animal in his innovative recipes, including horse-heart tartar and panna cotta made with pig blood.

355, rue Marguerite D¿Youville Montreal, Quebec


La Banquise

Nadia takes Andrew to meet up with the co-stars of her show "Bitchin Kitchen," at a restaurant that's a little more mainstream and where they make all kinds of poutine.

994 Rue Rachel Est. Montreal, Quebec


Abu Elias

Andrew visits this Lebanese butcher shop and kitchen, with Adam Gollner, an author who's intimate with the Montreal food scene.

733 Cote-Vertu Ville St-Laurent Montreal, Quebec


Cabane a Sucre Au Pied de Cochon

Andrew visits the farm where renowned Chef Martin Picard taps his maple trees for syrup and raises pigs for meat for his restaurant Cabane a Sucre Au Pied de Cochon.

11382 Rang de la Fresnière, Mirabel, Québec J7N 2S5


Au Cinqueme Peche (The 5th Sin)

Andrew goes to a restaurant where the featured item is seal meat.

330 Avenue Du Mont-Royal Est., Montreal, Quebec


Joe Beef

Andrew visits one of Montreal's flagship restaurants for a semi-annual event known as 'The Butcher Blackout.' The chef prepares 80 pounds of meat for 15 people.

2491 Notre Dame West, Montréal, Quebec

See & Do

Marche Atwater

Andrew shops with Chef Fred Morin for some ingredients at the cheese shop and butcher shop located at this market.

134 Rue Atwater Montreal, Quebec