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Lwanika Village

Andrew hunts for lungfish and eats dried and smoked lungfish. The villagers help him hunt for white ants (which he eats), and during a village feast, he samples roasted grasshopper and steamed goat stomach lining and intestines.

Lwanika Village, Uganda

See & Do


At the village market, Andrew tries goat on a stick, mandazi (kneaded bread), impafu (sour, starchy fruit from Emin tree), fish and chips sandwich (fried fish stuffed in sweet potato) and achodozi (mixed grill bbq intestines lungs, heart and liver).

Gaba, Lake Victoria, Uganda


Emin Pasha Restaurant

Andrew is treated to the creations of Chef Shaun Christian of the elegant Emin Pasha Hotel and Restaurant. Andrew samples tilapia, slow-roasted whole sugar cane rat and crocodile gravlax cured in salt, sugar and dill.

27 Akii Bua Road, Nakasero, PO Box 23825, Kampala, Uganda