Getting There
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El Alto International Airport

El Alto International Airport is located 8 miles from La Paz, the country’s second largest city. It was renovated in the late 1960s, with a longer runway and a new passenger terminal.

Villa Adele Alemana
El Alto, Bolivia‎

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El Mercado de las Brujas

The Witches' Market is run by local witch doctors known as yatiri. The yatiri can be easily identified by their black hats and pouches containing amulets, talismans and powders that ensure luck, beauty and fertility.

Calle Jiminez and Linares between Sagarnaga and Santa Cruz
La Paz, Bolivia

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This coffee processing plant outside of La Paz is where Todd gets his lead for where to find a coffee farmer willing to sell. FECAFEB is also an organization that defends the rights of small coffee producers and supports them and their families.

Av. Juan Pablo II #2926
El Alto, Bolivia


Hotel Bella Vista

Todd and the crew’s accommodations in Coroico, a town in the Nor Yungas Province of Bolivia.

Calle Héroes del Chaco No. 7
Coroico, Bolivia


Jatata Inn

Todd and the crew’s accommodations in Caranavi, the capital of the Caranavi Province in the Yungas region.

Av. Batallon Ingenieros and Calle Potosi
Caranavi, Bolivia


La Senda Verde Animal Refuge

This animal refuge and ecotourism resort on the Death Road is where Todd and the gang were able to stay the night.

Cotapata - Santa Barbara Rd
Yungas, Bolivia


Radisson Plaza Hotel La Paz

Todd and his crew stayed in this hotel in the heart of La Paz. It’s conveniently located to the tourist destinations of La Paz, such as Plaza Murillo and Devil's Tooth, as well as the US Embassy.

2177 Av. Arce
La Paz, Bolivia