Cricket in Jamaica

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Learn how to play limited overs cricket, also known as one-day cricket - a version of cricket that starts and finishes in one day.

A cricket match is contested between 2 squads 11 players each. One side bowls and fields, and attempts to limit the opposing team from scoring runs with the bat. A bowler delivers 6 balls per over. In a more modern form of cricket called Twenty/20, there are 20 overs per side, therefore the contest is limited to 120 balls per team.

The 2 most common situations in which batsmen are "out" is when a ball is caught before it hits the ground, or when a bowler delivers a ball that dislodges either of the 2 wooden bails balanced on stumps behind each batsman.

At any one time there are 2 batsmen at opposite ends of the central playing area. They are bowled to separately, and score runs in a variety of ways. Typically, they prevent the bowler from hitting the stumps by making contact with the ball. If the ball is hit and sails over the perimeter rope without bouncing, it's worth 6 runs; if it rolls to the boundary rope, it's worth 4 runs; and if it doesn't find the boundary, then the batsman and his partner attempt to score as many runs as possible by running from one end of the pitch to the other before the fielding side can return the ball.

When there are no remaining batting partnerships left, the side that bowled first takes its turn at bat. The team that bats last will attempt to win the match by scoring more runs than the opposing team's batmen.