Pelota in Spain

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The Basque game Pelota has 24 versions, one of which is Cesta Punta. The term "cesta punta" is the name of both the game and the lacrosse-like wicker basket that players use to hurl the ball. The sport is similar to squash.


* The game is played by two teams, each of which has one front-court player and one back-court player.

* The game is played on a covered three-wall court.

* The first serve is drawn and the ball must fall on the floor in a designated spot.

* Points are earned by the other team faulting on their serve.

* Players can catch the ball in flight or after a single rebound on the floor, even when the ball has hit all three walls before being caught by the opposite team. This process goes on until someone faults. Then the opponent scores one point and serves next.

* Games may reach 35 points. One point difference wins the game.

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