Rugby in England

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The main objective of rugby is to score a try, which consists of an opponent running with the ball towards the opposing team���s goal line, carrying it over and placing it down. The ball must touch the ground as a result of downward pressure from the player.


* 15 players on the field for each team (8 forwards and 7 backline playes)

* During open play the ball must stay in constant movement -- either kicked or carried forward.

* A player may pass the ball to a teammate, but only if the teammate is behind him. Forward passes are not allowed.

* Players accrue 5 points for a try, 2 points for conversion and 3 points for a penalty.

* If a player carrying the ball is tackled, he must release the ball. The player may hold on to the ball during the tackle, but once he's on the ground, holding on is not allowed and will result in a penalty.

Courtesy of Harvey Biljon, Blackheath Rugby Coach