Surf Life Saving in Australia

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Surf Life Saving is different from other sports because its main objective is saving lives. In order to be able to save lives, volunteer lifesavers train constantly to keep in the best shape possible. To make the training more competitive, there are Surf Carnivals, competitions where surf lifesavers test their skills against others.




* Surf Life Savings motto: "Whatever it takes!"


* In order to compete in a Surf Carnival, you have to have your Bronze Medallion. To gain your bronze medallion, you have to:


1) Complete a 400-meter pool swim in 9 minutes or less


2) Enroll in a 6-to-8-week course to learn physiology, first aid, resuscitation (CPR), radio communication, rescue techniques, carriers/supports and patrols.


3) Once the course is complete, you need to


a. Run 200 meters, swim 200 meters and run 200 meters again in less than 8 minutes
b. Simulate board and tube rescues
c. Learn patient approach and support
d. Perform team and individual carries
e. Earn a radio operations certificate
f. Perform expired air resuscitation, CPR, oxygen therapy
g. Learn Surf Life Saving signals
h. Have knowledge of emergency care, physiology, local emergency services and patrol systems


* Once you receive your bronze medallion, you can start to train and compete in different events for a Surf Carnival.

* Carnival events include:

1) Surf Boat Race -- An oar-driven boat designed to enter the ocean from the beach in heavy surf or severe waves. There are four rowers and one "steerer" in the boat. The object is to get out to the buoy and back to the beach as quickly as possible.

2) Double Ski/Single Ski Race -- Smaller boat, more like a kayak that can hold one or two people. They are small and are easier to maneuver in all different waves. The object is to get out to the buoy and back to the beach as quickly as possible.

3) Surf Race (ocean swim) -- The object is to swim out to the buoy and back to the beach as quickly as possible.

4) Flags -- The object is to run on the beach against 5 other people all racing for 4 flags. Whoever doesn't grab a flag, is knocked out of the next round.

5) Beach Sprint -- 100-yard sprint on the beach

6) Ironman/woman