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Geoff Edgers
For Geoff Edgers, being a journalist is the ultimate invitation to go where he doesn’t belong. That means seeing everything from the private basement studio holding Rodin’s sculpture molds in Paris, to the majestic and seemingly endless desert sands of the Middle East. Even when facing the harshest deadline, Edgers feels lucky to be able to search for new adventures and meet fascinating characters -- and to get paid for it.

While studying English at Tufts University in Medford, MA, Edgers launched his writing career with a passionate letter to the school paper protesting a negative review of Elvis Costello’s latest album. After graduating, he landed lengthy pieces in GQ, Details, Spin, Salon and Wired. He’s tested his limits by hanging with a group of hardcore rockers for GQ, and by profiling art thieves in Rome and Turkey. Edgers has interviewed most of his heroes, from Joe Strummer and Hunter S. Thompson to Julie Andrews and Paul McCartney. Fearing his children would become addicted to Raffi, he has written a pair of children’s books about music for Penguin, including Who Were The Beatles.

Tireless in his pursuit of a great story, Edgers launched his on-screen career by starring in and producing the 2010 documentary Do It Again, a film about his irrational quest to reunite The Kinks. The film earned rave reviews in Variety, Huffington Post and Ain’t It Cool News, and aired on PBS.

In Travel Channel’s original series Edge of America, Geoff Edgers investigates his way across the country in search of all-American fun. Follow Edgers as he immerses himself in American subcultures -- from calf testicle festivals to tall bike jousting -- and dives head first into the unexpected and bizarre world of entertainment found on the “edge” of America.

Geoff Edgers is currently a staff writer at the Boston Globe and lives in Concord, MA with his wife -- writer and journalism instructor Carlene Hempel -- and their 2 children, Lila and Calvin.

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