L Street Tavern

Marcus goes on a pub crawl through South Boston with former cop and criminal Rick Marinick learning how the streets of the local neighborhood turn its people tough.

658A E 8th St, South Boston, MA 02127


Touchie's Shamrock Tavern

More pub crawl with Marcus and Rick learning about how South Boston is the bank robbery capital of the world.

501 E 8th St, South Boston, MA 02127


Sea Point Restaurant

More pub crawl with Marcus and Rick learning about the fateful day Rick was caught by the cops for armored robber and sent up for 11 years in the state pen.

367 E 8th St, South Boston, MA 02127

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FBI Headquarters

Special Agent Andy Jarvis meets with Marcus to explain how common armored robbery is in Boston and who is committing it.

One Center Plaza, Ste. 600, Boston, MA 02108

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American Alarm

Marcus breaches security at American Alarm to meet with Wells Sampson who shows him the latest technology modern robbers are up against.

297 Broadway St, Arlington, MA 02474

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WRKO-AM Howie Carr Radio Show

Radio personality Howie Carr welcomes Marcus to the station to talk on air about Whitey Bulger, the infamous Irish mob boss who haunted the streets of Boston for years.

20 Guest St, Boston, MA 02135

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Improv Asylum

Marcus goes undercover with a make-up artist to be learn what it’s like to be in disguise.

216 Hanover St, Boston, MA 02113

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Quincy Market

College students search for Marcus in the crowd at Fanueill Hall to prove just how easy it may be for someone like Whitey Bulger to hide in plain sight.

4 Merchants Row, Boston, MA 02135

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Castle Island

Marcus meets with esteemed Boston Globe reporter, Kevin Cullen, where Whitey Bulger met with his henchmen, to learn about the effect Whitey had on the people of Boston.

2080 William J Day Blvd, South Boston, MA 02127

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Moakley Courthouse

In front of the federal courthouse where Whitey will be tried, Marcus meets WBUR radio host David Boeri to hear how Whitey acted as an informant for the FBI.

1 Courthouse Way, Boston, MA 02210

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Harvard Bookstore

Dr. David Bernstein meets with Marcus in the bookstore at Harvard Square to conduct an interview to help assess whether or not Marcus has the makings of a psychopath.

1256 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138

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St. Francis Xavier Cemetery

Walking in the cemetery where Mary Sullivan is buried, Marcus talks to James Starrs, the forensic specialist who helped proved Albert DeSalvo is not the Boston Strangler.

361 Pine St, Centerville, MA 02632