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What happens when you give 2 buddies the opportunity to go anywhere they’ve ever wanted on vacation and film it? Mancations, premiering June 5 on Travel Channel, follows comedians and real-life best friends, Evan Mann and Gareth Reynolds, as they set out on the road with the sole purpose of finding out what makes for the perfect mancation, where guys get together in search of laughter, bonding and manhood. Mancations are a means for men to get away from the daily grind and everyday responsibilities, to cut loose, make a lot of noise and get in a little trouble along the way. This series will take viewers to places as diverse as Mancation Nation in Arizona, where men fire automatic weapons; Space Camp in Huntsville, AL, where boyhood dreams become a reality through shuttle simulators and centrifuge training; and Virginia Beach for Seal Training, where Navy Seals give the boys a serious whooping as they test their mental and physical limits.

Meeting in a comedy troupe in college, Evan and Gareth have been performing improv together for over 10 years. Featured on both and, Evan and Gareth’s videos have received great accolades; their video Mano-A-Mano was an official selection at SXSW in 2008. Other notable videos include Jagg Off, Dragon Slayerz, and Tech Support.