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Boston Fire Museum

Parked inside the Boston Fire Museum is an antique steam engine that was once called upon to battle a devastating event that no firefighter had ever trained for – the Great Molasses Flood.

344 Congress St, Boston, MA 02210

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Museum of Legends and Lore

The Northwest Museum of Legends and Lore is home to an oddly life-like wax sculpture. The figurine is modeled after the man who committed one of the most notorious airplane hijackings in US history.

815 Seattle Blvd, Seattle, WA 98134

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Ohio State University Archives

In the archives of the Byrd Polar Research Center is a faded, black and white snapshot that shows a man planting an American flag on top of a mountain. How did this photograph lead to the downfall of one of the nation’s most celebrated explorers?

2700 Kenny Rd, Columbus, Ohio 43210

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On display at the Newseum is an object that could easily be overlooked … a nickel. But this seemingly ordinary coin is unlike any other. Designed by a spy, it splits in half and is hollow inside. How did this coin once serve as a tool of espionage?

555 Pennsylvania Ave Northwest, Washington, DC 20001

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Historic Auto Attractions

Beyond the rows of vehicles at Historic Auto Attractions is an unexpected treasure: a pair of sunglasses with thick black frames that belonged to a rock legend who was tragically killed in a plane crash. Was it the beginning of a sinister curse?

13825 Metric Rd, Roscoe, IL, 61073

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Immaculata University Library

On display are 7 sets of human remains. Found buried in an unmarked grave, these bones bear evidence of brutal violence. But whose remains are these? And how can they shed light on a mysterious disappearance that took place nearly 2 centuries ago?

1145 King Road, Immaculata, PA