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Pennyroyal Area Museum

At the Pennyroyal Area Museum is a manila folder that contains sketches of alien beings that are said to have descended on a nearby Kentucky farm.

217 East 9th St
Hopkinsville, KY 42240

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Ford’s Theatre National Historic Site

A set of brass knuckles that were carried by Kate Warne, the first woman detective in the US, to protect Lincoln from an assassination attempt.

511 Tenth St, NW
Washington, DC 20004

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New York City Transit Museum

At the New York City Transit Museum is a proposal for an underground mass transit system that was to be powered entirely by compressed air.

Boerum Pl
New York, NY 1120

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Museum of the Gulf Coast

700 Procter St
Port Arthur, TX 77640

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Mutter Museum

The Mutter Museum is home to a wooden box of 46 glass slides that contain pieces of Albert Einstein’s brain tissue.

19 South 22nd St
Philadelphia, PA 19103

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Old Fort Niagara

The 250-year-old building that was once used to imprison a citizen against his will for threatening to expose the secrets of the Freemasons. He was never heard from again.

Scott Ave
Youngstown, NY 14174