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Boston Athenaeum

Locked away at The Boston Athenaeum is a book engraved with an arcane Latin inscription. How do the words on the cover tell the story of this volume’s dark and grisly history?

10½ Beacon St
Boston, Massachusetts 02108

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The Clark County Heritage Museum

At the Clark County Heritage Museum is a poker chip that bore witness to one of the city’s greatest atrocities. What role did this round object play in the deaths 85 tourists?

1830 South Boulder Hwy
Henderson, NV 89002

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Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum

Among the Civil War relics on display at the Confederate Relic Room is a battered sword, carried by a famous Rebel general. Who wielded this weapon? And how is rumored to have given him special powers?

301 Gervais St
Columbia, SC 29201

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The Historic New Orleans Collection

Archived at The Historic New Orleans Collection is a piece of sheet music called “The Mysterious Axman’s Jazz.” Who was the Axman? And what purpose did this score serve?

533 Royal St
New Orleans, LA 70130

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Marshall County Historical Society

Stationed at the Marshall County History Museum is a brown, 1970s police cruiser with a past that some claim is out of this world. So, what legendary accident was this car involved in?

808 East Johnson Ave
Warren, MN 56762

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Oberlin College Archives

Among the troves of historic artifacts housed at the Oberlin College Archives is a forged document with ties to an infamous financial scandal. So whose signature is written on this piece of paper?

148 West College St
Oberlin, OH 44074-1532