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In Travel Channel’s Off Limits, premiering May 2011, Don Wildman takes his viewers behind padlocked doors and barbed-wired fences, moving through the tangled terrain of America’s urban jungle. Part historian, part detective, part bad-ass, Wildman ventures into forbidden and forgotten shadowy spaces to satisfy his hyper-driven curiosity about the true identities of American cities and towns -- their histories, their operations, and why they’re even there in the first place.

Each hour-long episode follows Don as he investigates sites off the grid -- an abandoned moonshiners’ village in Appalachia, a secret Nazi compound near Malibu, a buried nuclear-missile silo in the Arizona desert. Wildman’s Off Limits explorations are dangerous, hands-on, and, in many cases, extreme. Squeezing into tunnels and jumping over fences, he uncovers untold secrets of the storied cities and towns we thought we knew.

Wildman is fast becoming one the most recognized faces in documentary television. As the intrepid host of History’s hit adventure series, Cities of the Underworld, Don explored hundreds of mysterious tunnels, catacombs, crypts and bunker systems found beneath more than 40 cities and regions around the globe. Carving his own niche as an “everyman expert,” Don works across a spectrum of subjects from history to engineering to sports adventure. On ESPN’s Men’s Journal, he paddled wild rivers in Chile, scaled towering mountains in Oregon, and fly-fished till he could fish no more. He hitchhiked as the creepy ghost-host of Travel Channel’s Weird Travels and voiced CNBC’s Ushuaia, The Ultimate Adventure. Recently he hosted a 3-part historical investigation series entitled Filthy Cities, part of a joint venture between Discovery and BBC, which landed him on the slopes of Italy’s Mount Vesuvius, delving into the infamous tragedy of Pompeii.

Off Limits brings his explorer-quest back to the US -- and back to Travel Channel -- where he unlocks the fascinating secrets of our greatest cities and towns.

In summer 2011, Wildman begins work on Mysteries at the Museum, also for Travel Channel.

When occasionally not on the road, Don resides in Los Angeles, far from his New Jersey roots.