Off Limits

About the Show

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Explorer and history buff Don Wildman is delving into the forbidden, hidden and unseen spaces across America.

In each episode of season 2 of OFF LIMITS explorer Don Wildman crisscrosses the country, taking viewers behind locked doors to uncover the secrets of our man-made world. From mammoth gold mines to state-of-the-art stadiums, giant subway tunnels to world famous aquariums, hi-tech space stations to old school bourbon distilleries, iconic landmarks to top-secret bunkers – Don pulls back the curtain to show viewers a fascinating, unseen view of America.

Don’s exploration is hands-on; squeezing through tunnels, climbing bridges, exploring the bowels of mega-factories, operating hi-tech equipment and BIG machines. He joins the work crews who make the magic happen for the rest of us – building enormous parade floats, giant roller coasters, monumental bridges and mega-structures underground. He’s on the front lines with weapons testers, swat teams and fire crews. He scales mountains and monuments in pursuit of the untold stories, off limits to the rest of us.