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Los Angeles River

Even though it might look like a drainage ditch, the Los Angeles River is the reason L.A. is here at all. Don had to dodge authorities to take a kayaking trip down this river.

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Los Angeles Aqueduct

The L.A. Aqueduct is an engineering marvel that saved the city and sparked the infamous water wars. Don got a rare look inside the tunnels of the aqueduct and learned the dramatic history behind the famous water wars.

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Venice Canals

Not many know that Venice Canals came to be with a vision to turn a swamp into an entertainment mecca. Don was knee-deep in water exploring underneath these famous canals.

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Townhouse Bar

The Townhouse Bar, one of the oldest continuous running bars on the West Coast, hid an illegal speakeasy in the basement during the Prohibition era. Don gets an inside look at where the old prohibition tunnels existed.

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Marina Del Rey

This is one of the largest man-made small boat harbors in the U.S. From here Don took a boat out into the Pacific Ocean to dive into the waters to get a closer look at one of the few shipwreck ruins that remain.

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7th Street Bridge

Opened in 1927, the deck was built on top of an existing 1910 streetcar bridge and provided a much-needed crossing over the LA River. This is where Don starts his crack-of-dawn kayaking adventure down the Los Angeles River.


Curley's Café

A local oilmen hangout, Curley's Café is the self-proclaimed home of the best chili for miles around. Outside Curley's in the parking lot you will find two oilrigs pumping away just as many do in Signal Hill.