Rolling VIP Lounge: Build List

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Rocked Out RV
The "rocked-out" TapouT RV emerges from the mist during its unveiling..
This 2006 Fleetwood received a custom fabricated deck with a custom airbrushed T-shirt cannon, new custom wrap and exterior lighting. The team also installed a backup camera and collision avoidance system. Moving inside, the RV’s interior was completely gutted so the team could install new floating hardwood flooring, carpeting wallpaper, custom cabinetry and upholstery. The drivers’ and passenger seats were upholstered and upgraded with custom embroidery and the sound system was created especially for this coach. The kitchen upgrades include beverage coolers, new counters and folding bar tables above a “TapouT” light-up floor medallion. Engineered metal laminate walls highlight the spiral staircase and custom-created sconces; the windows are covered with electronic, automatic day-to-night blinds throughout. The VIP room features floor-to-ceiling tufted vinyl walls with custom couches, Edison bulb sconces and an airplane metal accent table. The RV boasts 3 LCD LED TVs with RV mounts, DVD players and a home theater system.

Welding Gases - Airgas Inc.

Metals and Services - IMS/Industrial Metal Supply Co (Southern California & AZ) 

Beverage coolers - Dometic (Elkhart, IN)

Speakers - Kicker (Stillwater, OK)

Seats - Flexsteel (Riverside, CA)

Laminated Wall Panels - Advanced Technology Incorporated/ADV (Greensboro, NC)

Day-to-Night Automated Blinds - MCD Innovations (McKinney, TX)

TV Mounts - Mor/Ryde (Elkhart, IN)

Countertops - Skimstone/Rudd Company (Seattle, WA)

Carpet - Keyston Brothers (Atlanta, GA) 

Exterior RV Wrap - LA Wraps (Los Angeles, CA)

T-shirt Gatling Gun - Warmachine Inc (Greenville, SC)

Collision Avoidance System - Mobileye

Leveling Jacks - PowerGear/Kwikee (Mishawaka, IN)