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Appetite for Books

Tony meets here with chef Jonathan Chung, before heading to the farmers’ market.

388 Victoria Ave, Westmount, Quebec H3Z 2N4


Beautys Luncheonette

Tony visits the luncheonette for breakfast. "They pretty much invented breakfast around here." Operating since 1942, the restaurant has been run by 3 generations of the same family. Tony has a bagel with smoked salmon, tomato, onion and cream cheese.

93 Ave du Mont-Royal Ouest, Montreal, Quebec H2T 2S5


Big in Japan

Open 7 days a week until 3 a.m., this is the "premier service provider for drunk-ass chefs after work. Sake? Of course."

3723 Boulevard St-Laurent, Montreal, Quebec H2X 2V7

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Bixi Bike

"Pay a small fee (rental fees from free to $6) and go anywhere you like. Bixi Bike has over 400 docking stations around town."


Brasserie Capri

Tony goes to this Canadian pub in the working-class neighborhood of Sud-Ouest with Fred and Dave. They enjoy cold Molson's and big hunks of pork knuckle. "Exactly, exactly what I like. Big hunks of pork knuckle."

2172 Rue St-Patrick, Montréal, Quebec H3K


Brasserie T

Tony and local chef friends have drinks and eat headcheese, smoked sausage, pork salad, escargot and lobster. "This is the newest place from Normand Laprise, the godfather of Montreal fine dining."

1425 Rue Jeanne-Mance, Montreal, Quebec H5B 1E4


Club Chasse et Peche

Located in Old Montreal, Tony meets up with respected food writer Adam Goldman at Club Chasse et Peche. They eat tuna tartare, lobster, scallops ceviche, octopus and duck.

423 Rue Saint-Claude, Montreal, Quebec H2Y 3B6


Club Social

A bohemian café, "if you like sitting for hours, listening to Tracy Chapman, this place is for you."

180 St-Viateur St W, Montreal, Quebec H2T 2L3


Dominion Square Tavern

Like a tavern from 1920s Montreal, Dominion has "some of the best cocktails in town," says Tony. "Try delicious mussels with fries and bacon."

1243 Metcalfe‬‬‬, Montréal, Quebec H3B 2V5


Joe Beef in Little Burgundy

Owned by chefs Fred and Dave, Joe Beef's menu changes daily and is "unapologetically over the top." The guys order clams atop a radio, a double down (2 pieces of foie gras with bacon and cheese), beef, chicken, duck and more.

2491 Notre Dame W, Montreal, Quebec H3J 1N6

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La Fromagerie Atwater

"For a larger selection of artisanal cheeses visit La Fromagerie Atwater, which currently sells 850 cheeses."

134, rue Atwater, Montreal, Quebec H4C 2G3

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Lachine Canal

Tony meets up with his "soul brothers" -- owners of Joe Beef restaurant, Fred Morin and Dave McMillan, who surprise Tony with an "outing" on a dragon boat.


L’Emporte Piece

Go for the grilled cheese with braised beef shoulder in the middle.

418 Rue Gilford, Montreal, Quebec



Simple, humble and classic bistro fare. Good steak and frites, trout salad and more.

3929 Rue Saint-Denis, Montréal, Quebec H2W 2M4

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Marche Jean-Talon

One of 2 main farmers’ markets -- Tony visits Marche Jean-Talon in Little Italy with chef Jonathan Chung. Tony gets excited about unpasteurized raw milk cheese, available for purchase in Montreal, banned in the US since 1949.

7070 Ave Henri Julien, Montreal, Quebec H2R 1T1



"Great place for old-world Greek food and for Marven newbies, a local recommends calamari and rib steak."

880 Ball, Montréal, QC H3N 1J7

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Mount Royal Park

1175 Sherbrooke O, Montréal, QC H3A 1H9


Nouveau Palais

Since Montreal no longer allows food trucks, Tony ventures across the street from the retired Grumman ’78 food truck to Nouveau Palais, in order to get this late-night taco snack. Tony eats a veggie and pork taco.

281 Rue Bernard Ouest, Montreal, Quebec H2V 4K8

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Old Montreal

Tony walks around this magnet for tourists complete with mimes, human statues and people dressed up like colonials.

Vieux-Montréal, QC


Orange Julep

"Greasy hands, greasier food. Delicious. Join your fellow gearheads over at Orange Julep." This is the oldest drive-in in Quebec dating back to 1932. Their best-known drink -- orange julep -- attracts the visitors.

7700 Boulevard Décarie, Montreal, Quebec H4P 2H4


Rotisserie Romados

"Great bistro with dishes such as Portuguese chicken with spices to 'die for.'"

115 Rue Rachel E, Montreal, Quebec H2W 1C8



Tony visits Schwartz’s for his last stop. He claims it's arguably one of the best places in Montreal for smoked meat.

3895 Saint-Laurent Blvd, Montreal, Quebec H2W 1X9


St-Viateur Bagel Shop

"One of the best examples of the local style (of bagels), St-Viateur’s hand-rolled, wood fire-baked, using the same Eastern European recipe they brought over half a century ago. They’re very, very good."

263 St-Viateur West, Montreal, Quebec H2V 1Y1

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St. Lawrence River

"Across from Old Montreal, there's a permanent wave here caused by swiftly moving water over the river bottom. Surfs up. Always."