Bar do Luiz Fernandez

Bar do Luiz Fernandez has great beer and food, as well as a festive atmosphere.

Rua Augusto Tolle, 610 - Santana
Sao Paulo, 02405-001, Brazil


Bar do Mane

Tony’s taxi driver, Mauricio, brought him to Bar do Mane, located within the Mercado Municipal, for their famous mortadella sandwich.

Rua da Cantareira, 306, Parque Dom Pedro II
Sao Paulo, State of Sao Paulo 01103-201, Brazil


Beco do Batman

For those on a tight budget, visit Beco do Batman for your fill of art – it’s an alleyway beautifully covered in local artists' works.

Rua Goncalo Afonso Sao Paulo
State of Sao Paulo 05436-100, Brazil


Censiv Motel

The Censiv Motel is one of the most notorious “Love Motels” in Sao Paulo. It’s a great place to get a room for the night (or just a few hours) if you don’t want anyone to know that you’re there -- or who you’re with.

Rua Doutor Freire Cisneiro, 80, Jardim das Gracas
Sao Paulo, 02714-020, Brazil

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Choque Cultural

If the giant art museums of Sao Paulo are too crowded for you, the Choque Cultural is a smaller, more personable gallery for young artists and their works.

Rua João Moura, 997 Jardim Paulista
Sao Paulo, 05412-002, Brazil



Tony has dinner at Alex Atala’s restaurant, D.O.M., with friends, Rosa and Luisa Moraes.

Barao de Capanema 549
Sao Paulo, State of Sao Paulo 01411-011, Brazil


Feijoada da Lana

Feijoada, a traditional bean stew, is arguably the national dish of Brazil. Tony enjoyed some of the best feijoada in Sao Paulo at Feijoada da Lana.

Rua Aspicuelta, 421 Vila Madalena
Sao Paulo, 05433-010, Brazil



With hundreds of beers to choose from and amazing bar food, Frangó is not to be missed.

Lgo da Matriz Nossa Senhora Ó, 168, Freguesia do Ó
Sao Paulo, 02925-040, Brazil

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Ibirapuera Park

This park is ideal for walking, jogging, soccer or just enjoying the day.

Av. Pedro Álvares cabral - Ibirapuera
São Paulo - SP, 04094-050, Brazil


Ici Bistro

Tony and friends, Rosa and Luisa Moraes, met up with chef Benny Novak at his restaurant, Ici Bistro.

Rua Pará, 36 - Consolação
Sao Paulo, 01243-020, Brazil

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Instituto Butantan

Instituto Butantan is a research center that specializes in vaccines and snake venom antidotes. They also happen to have a snake center where visitors can see some of the most dangerous reptiles in the world.

Avenida Vital Brasil, 1500
Butanta - Sao Paulo, 05503-900, Brazil


Izakaya Issa

This small restaurant/bar is considered to have some of the best Japanese cuisine in the city.

R. Barão de Iguape, 89
Sao Paulo 01507-000

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La da Verda

In the neighborhood of Vila Madalena, La da Verda offers handmade gifts, bright kitchen supplies and a fantastic café.

Rua Harmonia, 161 Vila Madalena
Sao Paulo, 05435-000, Brazil

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The Luz Station

Sao Paulo's old train station, Luz Station, is now a metro stop, as well as home to the Museum of the Portuguese Language.

Estacao da Luz
Bom Retiro, Sao Paulo, SP - Brazil



Tony visited one of Sao Paulo’s most popular restaurants, Mocotó, and caught up with chef Rodrigo Oliveira.

Av. Nossa Senhora do Loreto 1100
Vila Medeiros, São Paulo, Brazil

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Museu Aberto de Arte Urbana

Directly south of the Santana Metro Station on Av Cruzerio do Sul, artwork is displayed on the pillars of the elevated train.

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Rua Oscar Friere Shopping

Shopping is big business in Sao Paulo. If you want to shop the Rodeo Drive of the city, then you must go to Rua Oscar Friere.

Rua Oscar Friere - Sao Paulo


Unique Hotel/Skye Bar

This luxury hotel was Tony’s home away from home during his time in Sao Paulo. The roof deck has a spectacular view of the skyline, and, each night, the roof becomes Skye Bar, one of Sao Paulo’s hottest clubs.

Avenida Brigadeiro Luís Antônio, 4700
Jardim Paulista, Sao Paulo, Brazil