Take a Tour of Buenos Aires

Take a tour of Buenos Aires, including the Palacio del Congreso, Puerto Madero Waterfront, Plaza de Mayo and more.

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Andrew experiences dining at private in-home restaurants -- a new, hot trend for foodies in Buenos Aires. 960 1280


The head of a dorado, or 'tiger of the river,' is specially prepared for Andrew at Paladar Buenos Aires restaurant. 960 1280


Andrew sits in the backyard kitchen of the Wilka family -- Quechan Indians from northern Argentina's mountainous region. 960 1280


Never weak in the knees, photographer Joel Weber steps to the edge to capture the most compelling Bizarre Foods images. 960 1280


This prehistoric-looking animal is actually a wild hare -- common animals on the wild pampas of Argentina. 960 1280


Quechan hosts show Andrew the common grains and foods that their ancestors subsisted on for thousands of years. 960 1280


Corn is a staple food of aboriginals in Argentina. Each region has many varieties, including this black corn. 960 1280


Food is baked underground by placing meat and vegetables on hot stones and covering them with dirt and leaves. 960 1280


For Quechan meals, the men use the green cabbage leaves and the women use the purple leaves as plates. 960 1280


San Telmo, Buenos Aires' oldest neighborhood, is host to a big street fair every Sunday. 960 1280


Hugo Chavarrieta, the owner of La Brigada Steakhouse, prepares to make meat lovers' dreams come true. 960 1280


The sun rises on a 500-lb. calf that local gauchos roasted overnight for Andrew's light lunch at an estancia, or ranch. 960 1280


A calf's intestines -- yes, still full of half-digested grass -- are braided before throwing them on the fire. 960 1280


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10. San Francisco

10. San Francisco

The 'City by the Bay' is a paradise for outdoorsy types looking for love. 960 1280


9. Sydney

9. Sydney

Start a search for a mate with a stroll along Sydney's Darling Harbour. 960 1280

iStockpoto.com/Klaus Hollitzer  

8. Buenos Aires, Argentina

8. Buenos Aires, Argentina

This fancy footbridge in Buenos Aries is the Puente de la Mujer, also known as the Woman's Bridge. 960 1280

iStockphoto.com/Alex Barcelos  

7. Miami

7. Miami

Singles in Miami can mingle with the beautiful people on the beach by day and the clubs by night. 960 1280

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6. Cape Town, South Africa

6. Cape Town, South Africa

The scene is set for romance in Cape Town with the picturesque waterfront and the Table Mountains rising above the city. 960 1280


5. London

5. London

Ladies swoon for men with accents; if you don't have one, just act the part of the suave suitor in stylish London. 960 1280


4. Madrid

4. Madrid

You'll have many opportunities to meet your match in Madrid; things never slow down in this energetic city. 960 1280


3. Tokyo

3. Tokyo

Tapping into Tokyo's singles scene may seem overwhelming until you find your niche at a sushi bar or karaoke spot. 960 1280


2. Melbourne, Australia

2. Melbourne, Australia

Singles can search for love in artsy Melbourne with great museums, cool neighborhoods and funky nightlife.
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1. New York

1. New York

New York is the land of opportunity for singles with endless options for romance or just a fun night out on the town. 960 1280

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A vineyard outside of Cape Town. South Africa's wine country is a bargain compared to Napa or Bordeaux. 960 1280


Table Mountain sits in the background behind the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront in Cape Town. 960 1280


You'll get far more mileage out of your greenbacks in Cape Town than Copenhagen. 960 1280


No place in North America conjures the Old World quite like Quebec City. 960 1280


Why not stay on dollar-friendly US soil by flying a budget airline to Puerto Rico, one of the Caribbean's best values? 960 1280


A couple strolls along one of Puerto Rico's inviting beaches. 960 1280


A traveler greets a penguin in Patagonia, Argentina. 960 1280


Buenos Aires has been the word on budget-traveling tongues for a few years. 960 1280


In Buenos Aires, bohemian Latin lifestyles meet Euro chic. 960 1280


Uruguay is another possibility if you're looking to experience the feel of a European country in Latin America. 960 1280