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Facebook Favorites: Haunted Houses and Attractions

We asked the Travel Channel Facebook community for their favorite haunted houses and Halloween attractions. Here are the top 10 picks from across the US.

10 Luxury Shopping Spots

These top 10 luxury shopping spots are filled with enough high fashion and designer labels to make shopaholics and style mavens swoon.

Jelly Belly, Master Lock and Skate One

George satisfies his sweet tooth at Jelly Belly in California, tests the strength of a Master Lock in Wisconsin, and builds a Skate One skateboard in Santa Barbara.

Feast Special

Adam is in Savannah, GA to taste peach glazed BBQ chicken and a locally caught shrimp and crab legs boil. Finally, Adam guides two twin brothers in the Voodoo Juice Challenge: five minutes to eat ...

American Spy and Belle Gunness

Don investigates the role an ordinary US Postal Service mailbox played in one of the most damaging spy cases of the Cold War. And he examines a monstrous preserved head that may prove the ...

French Connection and Shipwrecked Gold

Check out the Mysteries at the Museum itinerary for the French Connection and Shipwrecked Gold episode.

Off Limits Hawaii

Check out the Off Limits Hawaii travel guide.

Florida’s East Coast Beaches

Find out our picks for the best beaches on Florida's east coast.

Annabelle Doll, Bridge Collapse, Whale Attack

Check out the museums featured in the Annabelle Doll, Bridge Collapse, Whale Attack episode.

Cadillac, Sub Zero & Maglite

George visits the Cadillac, MagLite and Sub Zero factories.

Gibson Guitars, Crayola & La-Z-Boy

George Motz visits the Gibson, Crayola and La-Z Boy factories.

Siamese Twins, Assassin Umbrella, Capone's Cell

Check out Mysteries at the Museums' itinerary from episode: Siamese Twins, Assassin Umbrella, Capone's Cell.

Tabasco, Silly Putty & Filson

George spices things up at the Tabasco factory in Louisiana, gets silly at Silly Putty in Pennsylvania and learns the art of crafting the rugged Mackinaw jacket at Filson in Seattle.

Corvette, Wiffle Ball & Ludwig

George builds a Corvette, plays ball at Wiffle Ball and builds a bass drum at Ludwig.

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