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Cordioli bakery makes all the decadent cookies, cakes and tarts you'd expect from a world-class pastry shop, but they also specialize in a traditional Veronesi cake.

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Romeo & Juliet

Verona is the hometown of Shakespeare's famous star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet. At the House of Capulet, you can see the balcony which sparked the greatest love affair in the history of the Western world.

Via Cappello, 23, 37121 Verona, Italy?

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Piazza Bra

A good place to start any tour of Verona is Piazza Bra. It sits at the entrance to the historical center. There is a small park in the middle, and it's lined with colorful buildings and cafes.

Piazza Bra, 37121 Verona, Italy

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The Roman Arena

Built in the first century, Verona's arena is similar to the Roman Colosseum, except that it is smaller, younger and missing its third tier. This arena is still in use and plays host to The Verona Opera Festival from June through August.

Via Roma 7/d, 37121 Verona, Italy

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Piazza della Erbe

Every city, town and village in Italy has a main piazza where everyone gathers, and Verona's is Piazza della Erbe. It's where the Romans set up their forum, and today you can still admire the beautiful Renaissance frescoes painted on the buildings.

Piazza dell Erbe, 37121 Verona, Italy

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The Ponte Pietra

One of the most popular pedestrian walkways in Verona is also one of its most famous, the Ponte Pietra.

The Ponte Pietra, Verona VR, Italy

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Porta dei Leoni

The Porta dei Leoni was the eastern gate of the city in the first century B.C.

Porta Leoni, 37121 Verona VR, Italy

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Roman Teatro

The Roman Teatro is one reason Verona is considered Italy's second-most Roman city. Eight thousand people used to fill its seats.

Rigaste Redentore 2, 37129 Verona, Italy


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