Our Hosts' Favorite Theme Parks

Travel Channel hosts share where they go for the rides (Six Flags), the nostalgia (Coney Island) and the food (Dollywood).
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Hershey Park

My favorite theme park is … "Hershey Park. My whole family is from Pennsylvania so this was our Disney, Cedar Rapids and 6 flags all in one." -- Sam Brown

Knott's Berry Farm

My favorite theme park is … "Knott's Berry Farm because it is an older park and fits our interest in old stuff." -- Laurence and Sally Martin, Baggage Battles

Disney's Animal Kingdom

My favorite theme park is … "the Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World." -- Steve Dishiavi, The Dead Files

Cedar Point

My favorite theme park is … "Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH, because I worked on the Millennium Force roller coaster for Off Limits in their off-season and I’m dying to ride it now." -- Don Wildman

Universal Studios

My favorite theme park is … "Universal Studios in Orland, FL." -- Nick Groff, Ghost Adventures

Coney Island

My favorite theme park is … "Coney Island. It was the original theme park with lots of history." -- Anthony Melchiorri, Hotel Impossible


My favorite theme park is … "Lakeside in CO, it is old, haunted and a LOT of fun! I go at least once per year." -- Amy Allen, The Dead Files

Disney's Epcot

My favorite theme park is … "Disney World and Epcot [theme park] in Florida -- it literally is, as Willy Wonka would say, a world of pure imagination -- where everyone can be a kid, an explorer and adventurer for the day." -- Adam Richman, Best Sandwich in America

Six Flags

My favorite theme park is … "Six Flags in Jackson, NJ [for its] fast steel and wood roller coasters." -- Mark Meyer, Baggage Battles

Disney World

My favorite theme park is .. "Disney World in Orlando. It's been a top attraction for a reason: just incredible for both young and adult visitors. My favorite attraction is Epcot; I love eating at all the different restaurants." -- Jordan Hembrough


My favorite theme park is .. "Dollywood for the food. You walk around the park and it smells like home. All the food is based on Dolly’s home cooking –- from french fries to turkey legs -– it’s sooo good." -- Bert Kreischer, Trip Flip

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