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Tired of the same old vacations? Check out our collection of the world's wackiest things to do and see -- we're sure you'll want to write home about them.

two stout monks, flickr
Wackiest Roadside Attractions
We uncover some of the most amazing, not-to-be missed roadside attractions in the US -- from California to NYC, and everywhere in between. Pull over and take a gander at these fun works of art.
Tony Bowden, flickr
World's Wackiest Souvenirs
You'd have to see it to believe it! We reveal some of the most bizarre souvenirs you probably never want to bring back with you after visiting Japan, Thailand and Australia.
Eleonara Gianinetto, flickr
World's Wackiest Holiday Traditions
Forget St. Nick. The world's wackiest holiday traditions feature everything from a goat-like monster to a benevolent old witch.
Grove Park Inn
World's Wackiest Spa Treatments
Aura imaging at Grove Park Inn, a fish spa treatment at Le Blanc Spa Resort, and a massage by a blind man at Amansara Resort are just a few examples of the weirdest spa treatments around the world.
Getty Images
World's Wackiest Competitions
From the Wife-Carrying Competition in Finland to the worldwide sport of extreme ironing, the spirit of competition is alive and well outside the world of the more … traditional … sports.
Getty Images
World's Wackiest Skyscrapers
Architecture reaches new heights with these outrageous skyscrapers all the way from Dubai to Ohio.
Joey Rozier, flickr
World's Wackiest Museums
These museums take quirky to a whole new level with galleries devoted to everything from vintage candy dispensers to everyone’s second favorite condiment.
World's Wackiest Cruises
Whether you’re into knitting, vampires, or even just general nudity … chances are, there’s a wacky theme cruise for you.
Peter Carroll
World's Wackiest Festivals
Cultural traditions that make the least sense often make for the best festivals. Here are the wackiest -- and most fun -- festivals we could find.
Flickr4Jazz, flickr
World's Wackiest Pub Crawls
Ever felt like wearing your Batman costume in public but decided against it after realizing that it isn't exactly socially acceptable? Well then, you’re in luck – there's a pub crawl for that.

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