Why We Love the Brazilians

Beautiful bodies, Carnival, Rio de Janeiro, Gisele Bundchen, Copacabana Beach, Iguazu Falls and the samba are a few reasons why we love the Brazilians.


Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu dances during the International Indian Film Academy show. 960 1280


A Samba school in Brazil performs for local spectators. 960 1280


Participants perform a traditional lion dance during a Chinese New Year celebration in Vina del Mar city, Chile. 960 1280


A young couple dances salsa on the streets of Trinidad, Cuba. 960 1280


Ballet developed as a popular courtly entertainment during the Italian Renaissance and a world-renowned fine art in twentieth century Russia and America. 960 1280


Girls dressed in traditional costumes dance during the official ceremonial act at the 28th Federal Yodelling Festival in Interlaken, Switzerland. 960 1280

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Tango is a sensual partner dance that originated in Argentina and now is performed as a ballfroom dance all over the world. 960 1280

Cevdet Gokhan Palas  

A Japanese Kabuki actor uses a fan during a performance in Tokyo. 960 1280


Couples dance the opening waltz at the traditional Opera Ball in Vienna. 960 1280


Paraguayan Maka Indians dance during a celebration to mark the 26th anniversary of the community's arrival in Puente Remanso, Paraguay. 960 1280


Modern dance is performed all over the world. 960 1280

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The term 'belly dance' comes from the French Dance du ventre, which translates as "dance of the stomach" though it arose from various dancing styles which were performed in the Middle East and North Africa. 960 1280


Aspiring dancers audition for the Radio City Rockettes' upcoming production in New York. 960 1280


Michael Jackson impersonator Marvin Romero dances on the streets of Guatemala City. 960 1280